BBB: When your new car smells a little too lemony

Posted July 9, 2017 02:57 pm

Making lemonade from lemons can be a tall order when the lemon is a new car. The pride of new car ownership can deflate quickly when one realizes that the shiny new vehicle in their driveway is in fact a dud.
Some are surprised to find that their car manufacturer’s warranty does not do enough to quickly resolve repair issues. Most warranties do not designate a maximum time period for the completion of repairs for manufacturing defects. They also do not specify that the company should buy a defective vehicle back within a time period. For that reason states have enacted lemon laws. Your Better Business Bureau has the following explanation of the law as it exists in the State of Kansas.
What’s a lemon?
The Kansas Lemon Law only applies to new cars or other vehicles (including pickup trucks) with a gross weight …
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