At last: Gun laws that will have crooks looking down the barrel

Writing about government law-and-order policies is one of the easiest gigs in town. You simply bag the crap out of it, declare politicians should “get into the real world”, judges live in “ivory towers” and the laws are drafted by Leninist-leaning lawyers who want to release cutlass-carrying psychos to attack us in our beds.Yet every now again a piece of legislation comes along that can’t be described as political correctness “gone mad” (Question: was it once sane or always a little odd before it went totally bananas?)*
Firearms seized by police from outlaw motorcycle gangs across Victoria.  Photo: Pool picture
Just the other day, Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville dropped a press release headed “New laws to target illegal guns, organised crime and drive-by shootings”.In the release the minister channelled Clint Eastwood, declaring: “Let this be a warning to organised crime figures and those that associate with organised …
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Don’t Let Lemon Grove Get Flooded With Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

By Jerry Jones | September 7, 2017

Lemon Grove residents should be very wary of anyone asking for signatures to support a special election to revise the city’s medical marijuana laws.
Lemon Grove passed Measure V, approving medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, by a mere 85 votes. Pot proponents now want – among other things – less community oversight, no protection for small day care facilities or church-based schools and the removal of any accountability for facilities in violation of the law and city ordinances.
Keep in mind that these marijuana businesses will pay no local taxes, and want the citizens of Lemon Grove to pay for a special election to the tune of $300,000.
The very same proponents who wrote the medical marijuana ordinance have now decided it’s too restrictive because it does not allow dispensaries to be located within 1,000 feet of a day care center or other sensitive uses like drug treatment …
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Trolley committee mulls over strategy for service

News Photo by Jason Ogden
The Thunder Bay Transportation Authority trolley committee, left to right, Operations Manager Andrew Sundin, Trustee Adam Poll, Trustee Daryl Peterson and Trustee Jeff Kowalski, met Tuesday to discuss the future of the system in Alpena.ALPENA — The Thunder Bay Transportation Authority’s trolley committee will recommend to the full board that the city’s diesel/electric trolley service will run regular summer hours until at least October. The committee met Tuesday to discuss the future of the service and come up with the recommendation for the service, which is costing the agency money and not making a profit.
Operations Manager Andrew Sundin said the recommendation will be to continue the service at full capacity until the end of October. Additionally he said he is going to schedule a meeting with MDOT officials to discuss what could be done with the trolleys.
Ideas from selling the …
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‘Lemon laws’ for cars a step closer

AUSTRALIA is a step closer to developing “lemon laws” for cars.The top consumer watchdog has recommended sweeping changes that will give motorists better protection under new-car warranties — and provide local mechanics and independent workshops better access to technical data for modern vehicles.Releasing the 162-page draft report into the New Car Retailing Industry, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says it is “deeply concerned about the level of non-compliance with the Australian Consumer Law in the new car industry”.The report follows recent court action against Ford, Volkswagen and Audi for alleged breaches of Australian consumer law, ranging from failing to properly repair vehicles to misleading buyers about fuel consumption and emissions.Holden last week made a court enforceable undertaking to comply with consumer guarantee obligations under Australian Consumer Law, after the car maker “misrepresented to some consumers that it had the discretion to decide whether the vehicle …
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Pot Entrepreneurs Want the Babies of Lemon Grove and La Mesa to Pack Their Bags

Day care centers in La Mesa and Lemon Grove have been getting some strange offers. Marijuana entrepreneurs have been knocking on their doors, offering the owners money and other deals to either relocate or shut down.
Last year, residents in both cities voted to allow medical marijuana dispensaries. But the measures prohibit dispensaries from being too close to places like schools, churches, public parks and day care centers.
It turns out that’s more restrictive than you might realize – small, in-home day care centers are all over the place. In small cities like Lemon Grove, there aren’t many properties that are more than 1,000 feet away from one.
That’s a problem as a green rush envelops the state, with entrepreneurs rushing to scoop up real estate to cash in on the booming marijuana business.
Voters approved Proposition 64 last year, clearing the way for recreational marijuana in the state in 2018, …
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No Surprise Here: What Do Consumers Complain About Most Frequently?

Consumers have problems with all sorts of products and services, but once again this year, car-related issues are number one on the annual list of top complaints put together by the Consumer Federation of America and the North American Consumer Protection Investigators.Auto complaints run the gamut from misleading advertising and mechanical problems — including used cars that break down shortly after they’re driven off the lot — to faulty repair work and towing disputes.”Cars are always number one. That’s because they’re essential to our daily life,” Susan Grant, CFA’s director of consumer protection, told NBC News. “If the car you just bought has secret damage or the repairs you paid for are faulty, you could be left stuck by the side of the road. So when people have problems with their cars they’re likely to complain to their state or local consumer protection agency.”TIP: Read the sales contract before …
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