Ogden family warns about parvo after adopted puppy dies; rescue responds

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OGDEN, Utah — An Ogden family is warning others after a puppy they bought from a local rescue died days later from a virus. Now vets and animal advocates are echoing their concerns.
“I cried,” Samantha Newll of Ogden said. “It’s hard because you get your kids this dog, something they’ve never had before that they’ve always wanted, and within a week the dog is dead.”
It was the last Saturday in June when the Newell family welcomed Cocoa into their family. Filling out his adoption papers, looking over his vaccinations and paying the fee to Pack N’ Pounce.
“My kids were obsessed with him,” Samantha said.
But after one day in their home the Newells realized something was wrong with Cocoa.
“Sunday he hadn’t eaten anything and he was throwing up Sunday night all over my house,” Newell …
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