At last: Gun laws that will have crooks looking down the barrel

Writing about government law-and-order policies is one of the easiest gigs in town. You simply bag the crap out of it, declare politicians should “get into the real world”, judges live in “ivory towers” and the laws are drafted by Leninist-leaning lawyers who want to release cutlass-carrying psychos to attack us in our beds.Yet every now again a piece of legislation comes along that can’t be described as political correctness “gone mad” (Question: was it once sane or always a little odd before it went totally bananas?)*
Firearms seized by police from outlaw motorcycle gangs across Victoria.  Photo: Pool picture
Just the other day, Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville dropped a press release headed “New laws to target illegal guns, organised crime and drive-by shootings”.In the release the minister channelled Clint Eastwood, declaring: “Let this be a warning to organised crime figures and those that associate with organised …
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