California Thief Caught With 362 Kilos Of… You’ll Never Guess What

When life doesn’t give you lemons, steal them. At least that’s what this one California man seems to have done. On Friday, Riverside County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that police officers had caught a man with 362 kgs of stolen lemons. The 69-year-old man, Dioncio Fierros, was arrested with approximately 362 kgs of freshly-picked lemons in his vehicle. The discovery took place when Mr Fierros was pulled over at a traffic stop by police officers at around 9.45 am on Friday morning. It is not immediately clear what he was planning to do with the lemons.The arrest took place while the police were investigating a string of agricultural thefts in the area of Thermal. However, the incident ended on a sour note for Mr Fierros as he was booked into the Indio Jail on a charge of theft.The unusual theft attempt led to a lot of jokes on Twitter: …
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Landowner plans to use artistic copyright laws to block pipeline construction on her property

Leta Van Graevenitz walks to a stand of trees in her field just south of Saskatoon. She pours a mix of milk, lemon, blue powder dye and other ingredients into a bucket.”I try not to splash. You want it as thick as possible so it adheres to the tree better,” she says to a visitor.Van Graevenitz pours the solution into several smaller containers and hands them out to several children and adults. They each pick a tree and paint a bright blue swirl on the trunk.It’s all part of a unique approach to halting pipeline construction on her land.Saskatoon-area landowner Leta Van Graevenitz has painted the trees on her land in an effort to halt pipeline construction. (Chanss Lagaden/CBC)’We have to yell and scream and push for it’A natural gas pipeline is scheduled for construction on her land and she wants to stop it. …
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CNN Guest Compares Trump To Slave Traders — Cuomo Calls In Don Lemon To Run Cover

2:52 PM 08/03/2018Geoff Harbaugh | Contributor

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A debate between CNN political commentator Angela Rye and former Trump adviser Jason Miller quickly got out of hand while discussing Ivanka Trump’s “family separation” comments. Rye declared that Donald Trump is not her president, and went so far as to claim that those who enforce immigration policies that separate children from their parents are just like the slave traders who brought Africans to North America. Earlier in the day, Ivanka said she “vehemently was against separating families at the border.” Rye and Miller squared off on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” and debated if the comments “were enough.” The debate started off civilly until Rye complained about Miller repeating himself. “If we are going to call this the great debate, then don’t put me on with someone who is just part …
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What Happens if Lemon Grove Sours on Cityhood?

The giant lemon in Lemon Grove / Photo by Kinsee Morlan
Things are getting hot in the San Diego suburb that claims to have the “Best Climate on Earth.”
Some residents of Lemon Grove are flirting with the idea of disincorporating to resolve the city’s financial problems.
But it won’t be easy.
First, an update on what’s going on in this city of 26,000 people on the eastern edge of San Diego.
Lemon Grove leaders cut funding for some services but still ended up with a deficit and had to dip into emergency funds. Without further cuts, the city expects to run out of reserve funds in a few years. Even so, the City Council just refused to ask voters to boost taxes.
If Lemon Grove actually stops being a city, that fact would become its second-most distinguishing characteristic. (Nothing is likely to beat being home to a really, …
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Letters Catastrophe here, and not just for lake; take land for canals

Catastrophe is here;take land for canals

So, the Army Corps of Engineers fears a “catastrophic loss” to 37,000 homes and businesses sitting south of Lake Okeechobee. My heart is bleeding for Big Sugar, which already has collected over $2 billion in subsidies from U.S. taxpayers. How about the catastrophic event that is already here affecting the tens of millions of people living along Florida coastal regions? Not to mention the ecological disaster to our wetlands.Has anyone noticed the peculiar murk in the ocean lately? That lovely shade of beige isn’t natural, honey; that is agricultural runoff.
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This problem isn’t confined to just St. Lucie County; the runoff also flows through canal systems affecting the west coast, the Loxahatchee River, Okeeheelee, Lake Clarke Shores, Lake Osborne and Lake Ida.Sorry to hear that the district …
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Using oil of lemon eucalyptus instead of DEET for mosquitoes

Even the CDC recommends this botanical ingredient as comparable to DEET for repelling disease-carrying insects.Oh the dichotomies of DEET.While DEET is the gold standard of insect repellents, it is also a strong synthetic chemical with a tarnished reputation. Known to the chemistry set as N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide, DEET was potentially linked to 14 cases of brain damage in the 1980s and 90s, inciting a flood of fear amongst consumers that has yet to recede.Other reports of ill effects from the ingredients haven’t helped its cause. Scientific American describes one study, among others:”A study conducted in the late 1980s on Everglades National Park employees to determine the effects of DEET found that a full one-quarter of the subjects studied experienced negative health effects that they blamed on exposure to the chemical. Effects included rashes, skin irritation, numb or burning lips, nausea, headaches, dizziness and difficulty concentrating.”Meanwhile, in 2014 …
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