Fay’s passionate plea to save others from a lemon car

THE owner of a Holden Commodore plagued with electrical problems believes her experience with a faulty car proves the need for lemon laws in Queensland.

North Ipswich resident Fay Broughton purchased the Commodore in November 2008, and gremlins began soon after.

Documents show she has attempted to have the car repaired more than one dozen times, during and after the warranty period.

With no fix and left with a $47,000 “shed ornament”, Ms Broughton wants the State Government to introduce consumer laws to protect people.

“I would like them to come in because how many people are out there situations like mine,” she said.

“They need to bring in the lemon law for people who go out and buy new cars.”

In 2015 Queensland Parliament’s Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee began an inquiry into consumer protection for new-car buyers.

The inquiry recommended a national approach to lemon laws, a limit on the …
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