Instead of New Gun Laws, Dems Should Focus On Bureaucratic Incompetence Enforcing Current Ones

Photo Credit – CNNMediaite Contributing Editor Larry O’Connor recently penned an opinion piece on An excerpt of his latest article,  Instead of New Gun Laws, Dems Should Focus On Bureaucratic Incompetence Enforcing Current Ones, is below:Like clockwork the calls to “do something” were ringing through the media and Twitter within hours of the mass shooting Sunday at a church in rural Texas.
Intermixed with the shameful chastisement that “Prayers aren’t good enough” we heard media figure after media figure imploring politicians to “do something” to stop these murders in the future.
Don Lemon scolded you for daring to seek solace with God at tragic times like these. Your “thoughts and prayers” did nothing to save those victims! (“You stupid rednecks” was left off the teleprompter, but we can read between the lines, Don.)
NBA basketball coach Steve Kerr (because everyone wants to know what a basketball …
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