Pot Entrepreneurs Want the Babies of Lemon Grove and La Mesa to Pack Their Bags

Day care centers in La Mesa and Lemon Grove have been getting some strange offers. Marijuana entrepreneurs have been knocking on their doors, offering the owners money and other deals to either relocate or shut down.
Last year, residents in both cities voted to allow medical marijuana dispensaries. But the measures prohibit dispensaries from being too close to places like schools, churches, public parks and day care centers.
It turns out that’s more restrictive than you might realize – small, in-home day care centers are all over the place. In small cities like Lemon Grove, there aren’t many properties that are more than 1,000 feet away from one.
That’s a problem as a green rush envelops the state, with entrepreneurs rushing to scoop up real estate to cash in on the booming marijuana business.
Voters approved Proposition 64 last year, clearing the way for recreational marijuana in the state in 2018, …
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