Trolley committee mulls over strategy for service

News Photo by Jason Ogden
The Thunder Bay Transportation Authority trolley committee, left to right, Operations Manager Andrew Sundin, Trustee Adam Poll, Trustee Daryl Peterson and Trustee Jeff Kowalski, met Tuesday to discuss the future of the system in Alpena.ALPENA — The Thunder Bay Transportation Authority’s trolley committee will recommend to the full board that the city’s diesel/electric trolley service will run regular summer hours until at least October. The committee met Tuesday to discuss the future of the service and come up with the recommendation for the service, which is costing the agency money and not making a profit.
Operations Manager Andrew Sundin said the recommendation will be to continue the service at full capacity until the end of October. Additionally he said he is going to schedule a meeting with MDOT officials to discuss what could be done with the trolleys.
Ideas from selling the …
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